Forgive Me

I can’t speak much for anyone
but myself so forgive me, but
I can’t quite explain to you
how it all ended.

I would explain myself better
if I thought that it would matter;

I can tell you what I did,
what I didn’t–that I did
what I thought I had to,
that it felt right in the moment
even when it was mostly wrong,
that I’ll never live down the time
that I wasted and I’ll never
move past it either; but

I don’t think it would matter
much at all.

Sympathy is so far outside
my realm of understanding
so forgive me if I sound like
I don’t care; it’s not that
I do–I don’t–but it’s
not that I didn’t at all.

So forgive me for being cliché

it was never you,
it was always me.

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