There are things you don’t see in the dark,
things you have to grow accustomed to.

You have to find excitement in the unknown,
find enjoyment in your own company,
take comfort in possibility.

You have to learn to enjoy stumbling.

You have to be the type of curious that
touches with bare hands and
moves without fear of tripping.

You have to be ready
to take a punch
or a bullet
or a fall.

You have to be the kind of brave that
looks under the bed at night for monsters
because you know you’ve seen bigger monsters,
the ones that hide in plain sight.

You have to constantly remind yourself
not to walk around with eyes closed, fists clenched,
feeling around for the closest security blanket.

There is no security in the dark,
only you and your disquiet
and your hope for

You have to get used to it.

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