Turn Around

I wish I knew
how to reverse the course,
I would turn around
and take two steps back,
retrace my steps
to find the place
where you stopped
being human
to me.

There was once a time
when our love was
still beating,
when it still beats
from heart and bone,
and I wish I could
turn around
to find the place
where heart became cold
and bone became dust
and you became nothing
to me.

Somewhere between
our whispered secrets
and our tight clasped hands,
holding on meant
holding my

Because somewhere between
the seams of our bedsheets
and the promises we made,
I forgot what it meant
to be whole.

I created this wreckage
with my own hands,
it was never your job
to save me.

But I wish I could
turn around,
take two steps back
to tell you
it’s not your fault.

I’d turn around,
retrace my steps
and tell you

you can’t save
what’s already dead.

Source: Tumblr

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